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서비스 협약

ISIC 업무 서비스 협약을 체결하여 2023년 9월 8일부터 ISIC 국제학생증 학적승인 서비스를 학생들에게 제공합니다. 이로써 한국조지메이슨대학교 학생들은 ...


Updated Sep 8, 2023

TOP 3 business schools in the world partners with ISIC

ISIC Association is pleased to announce that the top three Business Schools in the world according to the Financial Times 2023 ranking for Masters in


Updated Aug 31, 2023

태재대학교 학생증에 ISIC 국제학생증 체크카드 도입

태재대학교는 전교생에게 교내학생증 발급 시 ISIC 국제학생증 4년 유효기간이 인증된 학생증을 제공합니다. 이에 태재대학교 학생들은 별도의 비용지불 없이 자신의 학생증을 국제학생증으로 이용할 수 있으며...


Updated Aug 25, 2023

First Iraqi Bank partners with ISIC to issue 80,000 ITIC cards

In yet another commendable partnership, the First Iraqi Bank, in association with the Kurdistan Teachers Union and ISIC Kurdistan, has embarked on a joint venture


Updated Aug 15, 2023

ISIC partners with Samsung Electronics to launch ISIC card in Samsung Wallet

International Student Identity Card (ISIC), the world’s leading student identification provider, is excited to announce its collaboration with Samsung Electronics to introduce the ISIC card


Updated Jul 20, 2023

The 70th years of the ISIC Card and ISIC Association!

The ISIC Card was first created by students in 1953 and is now issued to students in 114 countries. The ISIC card has been endorsed by UNESCO since 1968 and is endorsed by a wide range of national governments ...


Updated May 25, 2023

ISIC Association became an Affiliate member of EUA

We are pleased to announce that the European University Association (EUA) has accepted the International Student Identity Card Association as an Affiliate member. Our application


Updated Apr 28, 2023

European Student Card ­ ESC Academy Pro Survey

The European Student`s Union and the ISIC Association are developing the ESC ACADEMY PRO project, financially supported by the European Commission. The ESC ACADEMY PRO


Updated Apr 25, 2023

ISIC joins European Campus Card Association

We are delighted to announce that ISIC has joined as a service provider member of ECCA. ECCA is a not-for-profit association, established in 2002. Its


Updated Feb 28, 2023

ESC ACADEMY PRO project update

ISIC Association will be implementing the EU-funded project ESC ACADEMY PRO in 2023-24. This project should significantly contribute to the realization of the ESC (European Student Card) initiative by improving the digital capacities of HE actors.


Updated Jan 27, 2023

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